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Essential Oils Toxic To Dogs


Essential Oils can be toxic to dogs. Protect them by being mindful when using essential oils in a shared environment. Pets (dogs, cats, horses, hamsters etc.) are a part of the family. So give them the same care and attention you would give other family members.

Recently, I heard of a case where a lady came home from work and her dog didn’t recognize her. She monitored the dog that evening and noticed that the dog had been behaving strangely.  She then took the dog to the vet who did a thorough examination, and asked if there was any essential oils in the home? The lady said yes. She had been using Tea Tree Essential Oils and the dog may have been exposed. She was advised the discontinue the use around the dog. He may have tapered with the container and now showing signs of poisoning. This came as a shock as she thought essential oils were safe to use around pets.

In the meantime the dog was treated for toxins and monitored at home.  His behavior was out of the ordinary. A normally energetic puppy was lethargic and evasive. Hiding in closets and behind furniture. The vet determine that the dog may have ingested the essential oil. Therefore causing damage to his live and kidney’s.  The dog is recovering but it was a horrible experience for both.


Essential Oils are very popular now and if used correctly can be a proactive measure to your health and wellness routine.  However, some of these oils can be toxic to our pets. Essential Oils that are toxic to pets include the following: cinnamon, citrus oils, wintergreen, sweet birch, pine oils, clove oils, eucalyptus oils, tea tree and peppermint.

Lastly, as pet owners we consider them a part of the family be it a cat, dog, horse or hamster we want to ensure their health and safety. As a pet owner myself, I sometimes clean the dogs beds with a diluted form of natural cleaning products. This has been a good experience and my pets seem to love their clean and fresh smelling beds. Though mindful that if used incorrectly this can be harmful.  So I’m admonishing all pet owners to be aware that some essential oils can be toxic to the family pet whom we love dearly.