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Rose Essential Oil

Top Six Benefits & Uses Of Rose Essential Oil
Beautiful and fragrant, roses are no doubt one of the most loved flowers on the earth. Do you have any idea that rose essential oil, which is purified from the fresh Damascus Roses, has some incredible health advantages as well? Rose essential oil is an antispasmodic, an antiseptic, an antidepressant and an aphrodisiac too. So, keep reading to find out more health advantages of this wonderful therapeutic grade essential oil.

Rose Essential Oil
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It’s a powerful Antiseptic:
You possibly won’t get a more adorable smelling antiseptic than rose essential oil. You can use rose essential oil on small wounds to stop infections and aid them to heal quickly, and it won’t produce the ugly odor that some other antiseptic ointments do.

It relieves Anxiety & Stress:
This is yet another important benefits of rose essential oil. Like other essential oils, rose essential oil  is extremely powerful and it must be blended with a carrier oil, and it’s not recommended to be consumed internally.  Rose and all other essential oils should be diluted. However, when it’s applied to our skin, it’s absorbed by our body quite easily. Study has demonstrated that individuals who apply rose essential oil on their skin feel more calm and relaxed, and it can be used to cure the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Anxiety & Stress Feel

It possess Antiviral Properties:
The advantages of rose essential oil are so many, and one of them is that it’s also very effective to boost our immune system. It offers great defense against viruses in our body and also help us to prevent our body from catching cold, flu as well as other viral infections.

immune system

It’s a Laxative as well:
Rose Oil functions as a productive laxative when taken in diluted form in some medicines. It calms down the abdominal muscles, which can offers a quick relief from constipation. Furthermore, it functions as generic help to sustaining a robust digestive system.

It can decrease Menopausal Symptoms:
Another great rose oil benefit is that it can decrease menopausal symptoms. Study shows that women who were massaged with rose essential oil, documented a considerable decrease in menopausal symptoms encompassing hot flushes.

decrease Menopausal Symptoms

It performs as an Anti-inflammatory:
Rose oil also come with great anti-inflammatory properties. Massaged on our skin, when diluted in a carrier oil, Rose Oil can aid to reduce the ache of Arthritis and Rheumatism and it also aid to decrease the symptoms of Fever.

Arthritis and Rheumatism

When Rose Essential Oil is directly applied to skin some people may experience rash, annoyance and burning sensation. That is why it is wise to check the oil prior to using, and also consult a professional for advice. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding Rose Essential Oil is a big “NO” and should not be used.

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