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Essential Oils are the fragrant plant essences that are extracted from there roots, barks or flower of plants.  The oils are very potent and it is not recommended that they be applied directly to the skin. This is the foundations of aromatherapy the essential oils.

How to use Essential Oils

Essential oils should not be applied directly to the skin. Essential Oils are highly concentrated and are very potent  Essential Oils are most beneficial when blended with or used with carrier oil such as Olive, Coconut, Grape Seed, Sweet Almond or Jojoba Oil just to name a few. Never use the essential oils directly on the hair or skin. When used properly and in the right combinations essential oils can be extremely beneficial and can work wonders on the hair, scalp and the skin. You can experience the best results with essential oils when blended with water, a carrier oil, a massage lotion or unscented cream.


Essential oil methods of application

  • Baths – Adding essential oils to your bath water is an excellent way to enjoy the health benefits.  Run a tub of warm bath water add a few drops of essential oil, whole milk and submerge yourself into this heavenly indulgence.  Doing this relieves the body of tension, stress, muscle aches and pains and much more..
  • Aromatherapy Vapour Inhalation – Steam inhalation therapy is one of the most popular method of application.  It’s a method I use most for demonstrations. This Vapour Technique is one of the cornerstone method in aromatherapy.  As a well known rule of thumb among  in aromatherapy is 5 drops of essential oils into a bowl of steaming water.  The cover your head with at towel tent. (A towel over your head so that the vapour do not escape.)
  • ‘Aromatherapy Massage – By far the most popular method of aromatherapy application is the massage.   The essential oils are blended with a carrier oil, cream or lotion such as cocoa butter, shea butter, ,or jojoba oils..  In a massage these oils can affect the body psychologically and physiologically depend on the oil used.  Some oils have a warm effect on the body making for a added sensation during a massage.
  • Lotion Or Cream Application – Make your favorite cream or lotion even more luxurious and beneficial by adding essential oils.  Add a few drops of essential oils to your massage oil, carrier oil or unscented cream (Example – shea butter, cocoa butter, unscented cream).  By doing do you would create your own unique blends of fragrant creams and lotion that will also have health and wellness properties.
  • Hot or Cold Compresses – To create your own unique hot and cold compresses, add a few drops of essential oils to a bowl  of warm water.  Dip a towel in the water, wring out the excess water and apply it to the area of the body that requires pain relief, such as the forehead, stomach, or on a sore muscle.  Warm compresses work wonderfully on females who suffer from menstrual cramps.


List Of Essential Oils