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Essential Oils

Online Aromatherapy Consultation

Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plant extracts that are taken from the plant, bark, stems and roots of the plant that are called essential oils.  These oils are used to support  healing & balance to the body, mind and spirit.

Pamela S. Gomez, the founder of  Oh! Natural Aromatherapy has been practicing natural aromatherapy for more than 10 years. She continues to update her knowledge by doing courses at Aromahead Institute. She works with clients that are looking for a holistic approach to health & wellness.

If you’re speculating which essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy, or you’d like to know which aromatherapy essential oils can be safely administered to and around small children,  or you’re keen in recognizing which essential oil you must avoid if you or someone you know suffers from epilepsy, high blood pressure  or any other health conditions – we’re happy to let you know that we’re now offering Comprehensive Online Aromatherapy Consultations that best fits your needs.

Essential Oil
Innoo Tech Essential Oil Diffuser 300ml

Our Aromatherapy Consultations start with a review of your information. Then we will help you choose essential oils that’ll support your requirements. Our essential oils can be employed in different ways to improve your health on all levels. Honesty is always the best policy, the more honest you are regarding the questions we ask, the quicker we would complete the assessment, offer a solution and you see results.

Each consultation we offer is customized according to your personal background & needs. Each essential oil we suggest for you will be selected based on the information we gather in our session.

Essential Oil Wooden Box
Essential Oil Box Organizer

The Online Consultation Involves The Following :

  • Pre-consultation Requirement – Complete a questionnaire.
  • Online review & discussion of the questionnaire
  • A recommendation of Essential Oil Solutions to treat your condition.
  • A specific list of essential oils to use in blending recipes for your concern.
  • Specific Instructions on how to use the Essential Oils at home.

We Will Help You Make An Informed Decision:

Essential oils are 100x concentrate their original plant materials and provide both healing benefits and also health risks if not used correctly. Pamela will train you in proper dosage and blending methods for essential oils that will prevent adverse side effects.

100ml Aroma Essential Oil
Swiftrans 100ml Aroma Essential Oil

So, what are you waiting for? Fill out our Consultation Scheduling Form found at www.ohnaturalaromatherapy.com  and book your Free 15 Minute Consultation today with Pamela S. Gomez.  One of the most knowledgeable persons in the Bahamas on the topic of Aromatherapy and Essential Oils.  You can also book her for speaking engagements at your organizations internationally.

Combating Zika Virus Disease

In recent weeks the news headlines in some way included the Zika Virus Disease .  The Zika Virus is mosquito born disease.  It is caused or spread when people come into contact with a infected Aedes Mosquito.

Aedes Mosquito
Aedes Mosquito

The most common symptoms are fever, rash, joint pain and conjunctivitis (red eyes).  In the Bahamas we say, “Pink Eye”.  The illness is usually mild and lasting several days to a week after being bitten an infected by the mosquito.

The CDC is urging the public especially pregnant women to be aware when traveling to countries and territories with active Zika Virus transmissions being reported.  Some of these countries and territories include Brazil, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and several states in the United States.

Four (4) Things Can Do To Prevent Contracting The Zika Virus:

  • Check Gardens and Yards To Remove Standing Water.
  • Research Affected Areas Before Booking Travel Plans
  • Use Topical Mosquito Repellents Made of Essential Oils
  • Essential Oils Sprays
  • Wear Long Sleeves at Dust When Mosquito Appear
  • Vector Surveillance and Control

As a means to bring awareness to the Zika Virus Disease spreading and to advocate for  preventative measures this video was created.

Oh! Natural Aromatherapy Awareness Video

This virus should be of global concern because of its affect on infants.  Children are being born with small heads due to the mother being infected during pregnancy. This disease is of great concern because in my aromatherapy training we always cautioned pregnant women about using essential oils during pregnancy.  However, I do not support that these women use this essential oils directly on their bodies.  I do support using it in the environment as a mosquito repellent.

The following essential oils are recommended to be used as repellents or to create repellent sprays:  Citronella Cymbopogon Nardus, Lemon Eucalyptus , Eucalyptus Eucalyptus Globulus , Cedar, Catnip, Lavender, Peppermint, Geranium, Thyme, Lemon, Orange, Pine.

Home Made Essential Oil Repellent Spray

Directions: Fill the spray bottle with the choice of either 1.5 fl. ounces of distilled water and 1.5 fl. ounces of alcohol or 3 fl. ounces of distilled water. (Even though a 4 oz. bottle is suggested, leave about 1 oz. unfilled so you can shake the bottle well between uses.) Then, add the essential oils.

To Use Follow Directions Carefully: Shake the bottle before each use. Essential oils do not fully dissolve in water and alcohol and will settle. If you do not shake the bottle, you risk having concentrated droplets of essential oil irritate your skin.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffusers

Diffusers VS Humidifiers

Diffusers vs Humidifiers Reviewed

Prior to commencing my aromatherapy studies I never realized the many varieties of diffusers or the difference between a diffuser and a humidifier. The Mirriam Webster Dictionary defines humidifier as a machine that adds moisture to a room.  Though they are similar a humidifier there are many differences. However both are beneficial to  maintaining good health and wellness in 2016 and beyond.

Enjoy stress relief with this aromatherapy oil diffuser.

The Diffuser – they come in a variety of forms.  There are reed diffusers, electric and ceramic diffusers.  My all time favorite diffuser has been of the ceramic nature.  Simply because they are usually handmade, they come in a variety of styles and colors and can be consider little piece of art to add to a decor. They are found in a large variety of stores making them great gift ideas.   The reed diffusers make great additions to the decor of any home or office and they smell wonderful in any space. These too can be found in an assortment of styles, sizes and scent.  Click here to find a large variety of diffusers in one place. http://bit.ly/1muWH3I

 Humidifiers are awesome products to add moisture to the environment. I recall living in Chicago in the brutal winter weather, while indoor the thermostats were all turned up and the windows were usually closed and the area was dry. The best way I found to combat the treat of getting colds and infections, and combat dry air in my environment was to us a humidifier.  Humidifiers can be found for warm and cold mist form. Click here to view humidifiers.  Be sure to investigate further to find the best one for you and your environment.

Vicks Humidifier
Vicks Ultrasonic 1.2 Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier, Model V5100n 1 Ea From Vicks

Here are seven (7) reasons to use a humidifier:

  1. Soothe Dry Skin – especially in the harsh winter weather.
  2. Faster Healing Process – especially for persons who suffer from allergies. The humidifier is the only thing that relieves my niece when her allergies act up.
  3. Prevent Noise Bleeds – adding moisture to the air helped my little brother. Adding moisture to the air controlled and eventually stopped his nose bleeds.
  4. Relieves Sinusitis – experts in the field have confirmed humidifiers are extremely good for persons suffering from congestion and sinusitis.
  5. Controls Static Electricity – during my years living in Chicago I recall suffering that jarring jolt of static electricity when touching door nobs. A humidifier lessened this potential during those harsh winter months. Don’t get me wrong I loved those winter months.
  6. Reduce Snoring –  It is said that low moisture levels in your nose and soft palate can increase snoring. It is recommended that you drink lots of water and add a humidifier in your bedroom to reduce or prevent snoring.
  7. Indoor Plant Hydration – Low humidity can cause the indoor plant leaves to turn brown and die. Many of this plants come from tropical climates with high humidity.  Most noticeable when a humidifier is added to the environments these indoor plants thrive.

Don’t get me wrong there are some cautions you should note when using diffusers and humidifiers.  When using these items they should be monitored.  Any where a ceramic diffusers and tea light candles are being used please keep out of reach of children.  Also when adding humidifier bare in mind that too much moisture can promote the  growth of organisms.  I must caution you to monitor your moisture levels.  Safety first in all instances.

Diffusers and Humidifiers are available for sale in our online aromatherapy store.
Diffusers and Humidifiers are available for sale in our online aromatherapy store.