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About Oh Natural Aromatherapy

Pamela S. Gomez, founded Oh! Natural Aromatherapy in 2010A business professional. published freelance writer and a entrepreneur based in the Bahamas studied and practiced natural aromatherapy for the past 10 years. The desire to learn and grow lead Pamela to enroll in the Aromatherapy Certification Program at Aromahead Institute.

Reasons Why You Should Chose Oh Natural Aromatherapy Company

First, 10 years of experience and a accumulated wealth of knowledge. I have an established client base. I recommend proactive measures to prevent illnesses.  Your health is my priority. Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment that treats the entire person mind, body and soul.. Another reason for choosing Oh! Natural Aromatherapy is cost and proven results. Watch the video and view our testimonials.

Give me a chance to share the benefits of aromatherapy.  I will show you how to implementing preventative aromatherapy using essential oils.  You will learn how to treat an existing chronic problem.  We use pure and organic essential oils in our therapies. Finally, sell the highest quality essential oils found around the world in our store.

Client Testimoninals

In There Words

Shirl Gaskin – Just to let you know these patches are working for everything. I have allergic rhinitis and placed one of the pain patches on my nose and that cleared my running sinuses right up last night. I have another on my nose this morning because it started draining again. Thanks for sharing this valuable commodity. 

Lady Naomi Wallace Whitfield -Five years ago, I was introduced to Essential Oils by my friend Pamela S. Gomez when I was suffering from a sinus attack. She diffused eucalyptus and peppermint, Sure enough, “eureka!” My sinuses cleared up.

Donna Harding-LeeTime to put in an order!! Essential Oils have so many uses and the more I learn the more I am excited to use them. The oils sold by Pamela S. Gomez are of a high grade and she provides great advice as to how and why we can use them!

Jennifer (Netherlands) – Hi Pam, thank you so much for the booklet, essential oils and your wonderful personality.  I enjoyed reading and trying out “Using Essential Oils”. It is a whole new world of knowledge and skills.  I will use the booklet as a guide and start to further my knowledge in the oils. Aromatherapy really rocks!


Essential Oils

Buy Tisserand Essential Oils & Natural Patches of Vermont Essential Oil Patches.  Coming soon the Oh Natural Aromatherapy Brand of Essential Oils. Contact us at pamela@ohnaturalaromatherapy.com Twitter:@OhNaturalAroma


Diffusers & Humidifiers

Buy Diffusers & Humidifiers and other items for Wellness &RelaxationAromatherapy Books, Essential Oils,  and Personal Care Items in our storeClick on this link to begin shopping:  Essential Oils In Our Amazon Store


Consultations with Pamela S. Gomez

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Welcome to Oh Natural Aromatherapy and now you can join over 12,000 persons who choose natural health solutions after a Professional Aromatherapy Consultation.

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